Hi, I’m Bob Hilke, and this is my wife Laurel.  We are excited to share our business with you because here at Hilke Enterprises we have some really innovative products and business opportunities that will excite anyone searching for ways to improve their lifestyle and wellness.

I am pleased to share my new business name… Hilke Enterprises. I began my internet business years ago selling yard equipment… wood chippers, lawn mowers, mulchers, trimmers, bird feeders and the likes. While it was an interesting and challenging internet based business, several years later I learned of these remarkable water machines from Japan which had been around since 1974 in Japan, but no one in the USA understood what they did because the literature was in Japanese. It did not take me long to realize what an amazing product it was, and it resonated deeply with me since my degree is Nutritional Sciences and I instantly knew these water ionizers would be a huge health product here in the USA and other countries around the world once people learned what they do. Also, I had worked in the water purification industry a number of years and already knew much about the seemingly unsolvable problems of our drinking water… municipal water, well water, bottled water, etc. Besides drinking the best water Planet Earth can deliver, consuming really nutritious Superfood is really important for maximizing wellness and longevity, and we’ve got that for you too. Consequently, over the recent few years my business focus shifted toward my wheelhouse which is health and wellness. I picked up some really valuable experience and expertise along the way for doing business on the internet, and I offer business services to help aspiring internet entrepreneurs establish successful business ventures, as well as helping established business owners automate and grow their existing businesses.

As a result of the shift in focus over the years, my original business name no longer accurately represented the nature of my business. Going forward I’ll be doing business as Hilke Enterprises.

The key mission of Hilke Enterprises is sharing remarkable products that provide material value to our customers… adding years to their lives and adding life to their years.

Just follow the navigation links in the site menu to learn about our products and business service offerings.

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Bob Hilke