March 2019 Enagic K8 & UKON Promotion

Hi there! Laurel and I have had the wonderful privilege of having Enagic Kangen Water in our home for over 10 years. We started with the SD501 which was the top of the line water ionizer at the time. Later, when the K8 model was introduced we upgraded to the K8 and we are really glad we did — it is a wonderful water purification system and is stronger and more efficient than the SD501 and has a better user interface and newer technology. Drinking Kangen Water for 10 years has definitely been a great blessing to our family. So now we have two Kangen water ionizers… the K8 in the kitchen, and the SD501 in our bathroom. It is really handy to have the SD501 in the bathroom for an early morning or late night drinking of 9.5 and also for a convenient Beauty Water rinse after a shower. And it is definitely a serious upgrade to have the K8 in the kitchen serving up a variety of the five types of Enagic water.

See how easy it is to set up the Enagic K8 Kangen Water Ionizer in your home:

Enagic K8 kangen water installation video
CLICK to Watch Video

We also really enjoy the Enagic UKON. It is an amazing Japanese Okinawan Turmeric supplement we use every day.

Click through at this link to read about the potential health benefits of Turmeric including the anti-cancer properties of this remarkable supplement.

Because we are such fans of our K8 and UKON, and because March is my Birthday month, I’m feeling really generous. I love to receive gifts, but I also like to give gifts. So I’m doing a Reverse Birthday Gift this month and would like to make your March extra special. Here’s how it works…

Order the K8 machine (Kangen 8) from my website in March 2019, and I’ll toss in a case of UKON!!! This is not just one box of UKON… it is a case of 10 boxes, which each contain 100 capsules, for a total 4-month supply of 1,000 capsules, with plenty left over for samples. This offer is worth $760 USD!

Here’s a few details:

  1. In the USA and Canada, place your order online through one of these websites (look for the PRODUCTS page to start your order):
  2. Upgrades count. For example, if you already own a JRII, SD501 or even another brand of water ionizer, you can use the Enagic trade-in to upgrade to the K8. You cannot do this with the online ordering, so contact me (Bob Hilke) at my email ( to get the upgrade order paperwork.
  3. In other countries outside the USA and Canada, you cannot order online through my website, so contact me (Bob Hilke) at my email ( for the order forms.
  4. Your K8 order must be a one-time payment, so the Enagic Payment Plan does not qualify for this promotion. However, you can finance your purchase in any way you like through 3rd party financing such as your bank, credit cards, business loan, etc., so long as your payment to Enagic occurs in March for the full purchase price of the K8 machine.
  5. In some countries where it may be uncertain whether we can ship the UKON through local customs, I will arrange a comparable compensation in lieu of the UKON.
  6. If you order from the USA, your UKON will ship upon completion of your K8 order, but in other countries your UKON shipment will pend receipt of my commission for your order… typically three weeks following submission of your order.
  7. This offer is good only for orders placed directly through Bob and Laurel Hilke, Enagic Distributor ID 6161802.
  8. If you are already a distributor on our team, we also have something special for you if you make any K8 sales in March… contact me for details.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to helping you get your K8 and UKON!

Bob Hilke
Enagic 6A Distributor

Bob and Laurel Hilke, with the K8 Kangen Water Ionizer and UKON Enagic Turmeric Supplement